4x4 Soccer


Bouncer's newest competition has started, and its all the rage.

4x4 Soccer has started and already it has been accepted as a fun and eventful new format of Indoor soccer here at Bouncer. 

Teams from the very first game were raving about the change of style from the usual 5v5 to the 4v4 with the modified rules. It changes the speed and tactics of the game. Although the games may be shorter, everyone said that they were extremely tired after their games. 

With one team being up 8-1 with 5 minutes left and pushing for the extra bonus point at 10 goals, it saw the other team be able to put more attacking pressure on and bring the score at the end of the game to within 2 goals. Players were happy that the game can change so quickly within minutes and that the game was so close in the end. 

All players from the first game were happy enough to pose for a photo afterwards and we thank them for this. 

Please remember that with $500 prize money on the line for the winner of the inaugural 4x4 Soccer competition that there is still time to register your team now. If you would like to register, please contact Mark at the centre or click here